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Affiliated to CVM University, New Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat, India
Four Star College in Gujarat, KCG(GSIRF), Recognized under 2(f) and 12(B) of the UGC act, 1956

Mr. Ashok Patel

Mrs. Rita Patel

Ashok & Rita Patel Institute of Integrated Study & Research in Biotechnology & Allied Sciences (ARIBAS) is a self-financed educational institute which was established in June, 2005. It was recognized as the first institute providing M. Sc. (Integrated) Biotechnology course in Gujarat. With the generosity and kind gesture of Mr. Ashok Patel and Mrs. Rita Patel (USA) to Charutar Vidya Mandal (CVM) has fulfilled one of the dreams of integrated study in Biotechnology within Gujarat.
This institute is affiliated to CVM University, Vallabh Vidyanagar .The institute is set up with the generous donation of Rs. 3.3 Crores against the total project cost about Rs.10 Crores. The building covers 1,60,000 sq.ft. (>16,500 meters) area in six units for this purpose having three floors. The institute provides intensive training through hard working motivated full time faculty members. All infrastructural facilities have been developed such as state-of-art Laboratories: Molecular Biology & Genetics, Bioinformatics, Radio-isotope, Plant & Animal Tissue Culture, well-furnished Classrooms and well-equipped Library. The institute is organizing very effective Counseling of each and every student through personal care and individual attention. Interaction with Parents is also being carried out throughout the year to monitor and analyse the academic progress of the students. Various multi-disciplinary research projects with several reputed institutes and industries are under way.

ARIBAS aspires to be a global landmark of intellectual excellence. ARIBAS embodies the passion for research and quality education at undergraduate, post-graduate and doctorate level in the field of applied sciences. it adopts a comprehensive approach to create resourceful and conductive environment for students to acquire discerning skills pertinent for the pursuit of knowledge integrity and freedom.

Established in 21st century, ARIBAS infuses the strengths of the experiential learning with research centered spirit, its principle aim being to earn peer and public appreciation and fulfill the academic, economic and professional expectations of state, national and international communities.

  • To foster erudite minds and generate opportunities to flourish them.
  • To be open to expression and exchange of ideas where new horizons of discoveries can be accomplished.
  • To develop student's competency to think creatively, critically and objectively with core and inter-disciplinary excellence.
  • To gain solemn public esteem unsurpassed by any other institute.
  • To serve the mankind with effective instructional, research and outreach programs.